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  • NSW DoE has published a very handy new school finder tool for parents and the community. Comprehensive details about each school are quickly accessible, searched for by school name. As well as the usual contact details, visitors are shown the school on a map, including school boundaries, nearby public schools and a useful school description.
  • As you would have seen in the media over the past weekend, a major malware outbreak has spread across the world affecting many Windows computers running versions XP, 7, 8 and 10. BYOD Security Update advice

Uniform Review Update

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Student Health


A reminder to check that your child’s Epipen and ASCIA plan is in date and if not, please organise to update them. 

If your child has had any changes to their health in the holidays, please update the school office with these changes. 


Click the link for more information: WS Employ. Life Skills & Leisure Expo Penrith 2017

Year 10 Work Experience Program 2017 As part of the Career’s and Transition curriculum students in Year 10 are strongly encouraged  to complete a  block of Work Experience. This has been scheduled for 20th November to 24th November 2017 (Term 4, Week 7).

Colour Walk-A-Fun


Year 9 Camp Permission Note 2017The camp aims to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills through a variety of individual and team-based activities. Outdoor Education Experience staff set high standards of safety and moral conduct and will be accompanied by teachers from Jamison High School during all activities. We have a strict policy of ‘challenge by choice’, meaning everyone is encouraged to give it their best, but no one is forced to do anything. The program of activities chosen will be challenging, educational and lots of fun.

The camp will be held in Week 8, Term 4 from Monday 27th November to Wednesday 29th November, 2017

Support unit excursion to the Art Gallery of NSW on the 15th of September