Parent/Guardian Information

School Finances

The cost of running a school these days is high. The many textbooks necessary for modern education are expensive and all sorts of equipment are necessary – aids for teaching, photocopying costs, paper, sporting equipment and a host of smaller items.

To cover the cost of materials and equipment needed for all students, all high schools have a school contribution commonly called a ‘General Service Contribution’.

In addition, some subjects require subject contributions (details following). Contributions are kept as low as possible, keeping in mind the need to maintain adequate educational provisions.

General Service Contribution

One student at Jamison High School
(Includes $3.00 for P&C Association, and parents on payment of contributions, automatically become members of this Association)

Two or more students at Jamison High School
 (Includes $3.00 for P&C Association)

Other Charges and Requirements

The supply of the material to all students at a suitable quality, at the correct time and as economically as possible, has always been the aim of the teachers. Wherever possible, the school has supplied the materials and the student has paid for what he or she has used through the subject contributions.  The advantage of this is that the materials are at hand when required and as they are purchased at bulk discount rates, the charge to the student is kept at a minimum.


Parents are cordially invited to discuss placement, progress, careers, adjustment problems etc. with the relevant staff members without waiting for the Parent/Teacher Nights. The Principal is always pleased to see parents, while the Deputy Principal, School Counsellor and Student Adviser are ready to advise and assist.  However, the first point of contact should be the Student Adviser.

Lost Property

(1)     Check the areas or room where the property was last seen

(2)     Report this to your teacher

(3)     Check lost property in Duplicating Room

(4)     Report the matter to a Deputy Principal if it appears the property has been stolen

Remember you must have a note from your teacher to be out of class looking for lost property. Permission for this will only be given for major items lost.  All property should be clearly labelled and valuables should not be brought to school.

Feeling Sick

Inform your classroom teacher or the teacher on playground duty that you are feeling sick or have been injured. The teacher will give you a note to take to the Front Office where you will be directed to the clinic.

Students wishing to go home because of illness MUST go via the clinic where office staff will phone home.

Communicating with Home

In the case of emergency students can use the phone in the Deputy Principal’s office. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used during the school day.  Mobile phones seen or heard during the day will be taken and locked away in the Deputy Principal’s office until the end of the school day.

Parents can contact students by ringing the Front Office. An urgent message will be passed on to your child.  Please do not ring student’s mobile phones as this disrupts learning.


Students require a teacher’s permission if they need to visit a toilet during or between lessons. Permission will not be given in lessons immediately following recess or lunch.  Students need to sign the toilet register and collect the key from outside the Deputy’s office.


There are queues organised for orderly sales and once you have made your purchase you should move away from the canteen area.

It is best to order your lunch in order to save time standing in a queue. This may be done before school.


Bring your library card every day. You need it to borrow.

Travel Passes

Application forms for bus or train passes are available from the Front Office to eligible students for travel between home and school only.

Peer Support

In 1989 the school introduced Peer Support. This is a system whereby specially trained Year 10 students assist the incoming Year 7 students so they find settling into high school easier.  In Term 1 the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders will meet regularly with their Year 7 students and discuss specifically prepared topics.  As well, a number of teaching staff have undertaken a training course so they can assist the peer leaders.  All high schools which have used Peer Support speak highly of the advantages for Year 7 as well as the Year 10 students.

School Administrative & Support Staff

The school has, in addition to its teaching staff, a number of other people who are essential in the running of the school, including School Administrative Officers who assist in the areas of Science, Home Economics, Library, Photocopying and Clerical. Collection of money, issuing of receipts and other duties involving students are performed by the office staff in the general office under the supervision of the School Administrative Manager.