Student Absences

Absent From School

A note of explanation from a parent is required by your Home Class Teacher the day of your return to school. If you are likely to be absent for several days, ask your parents to telephone the school but still bring a note from parents on the day of return.

Late To School

If you arrive at school after School has commenced, you must report to the Front Office for a late pass. You need to bring a note signed by parents to explain your lateness. All late arrivals are recorded in the roll as half day “Partial Attendances”.

Leaving School Early

You must have a note from your parent requesting permission to leave at a certain time. The note should give a reason for the request as permission is not automatically given. The note should be handed to the Head Teacher Administration before 8.20 a.m. who will then issue a leave pass, noting the time you need to go. When this time arrives students report to the front office to sign out.

Feeling Sick

Inform your classroom teacher or the teacher on playground duty that you are feeling sick or have been injured. The teacher will give you a note to take to the front office where you will be directed to the clinic. Students wishing to go home because of illness MUST go via the clinic where office staff will phone home.