P&C Association

The Jamison High School P&C Associations Inc. are made up of parents, caregivers and citizens.

In 2015 the P&C applied to become incorporated and was granted. What does this mean, it means the P&C will now be able to apply for grants for projects run by the P&C.

Members of P&C associations attend regular meetings of the organisation as a legislated parent body for community voice and work with the school on activities within the school including policy and management plan development and fundraising as examples.

The meetings are held on the Tuesday night at 7pm in the school library in week 4 and week 8 of the term. Membership costs $3, The membership fee entitles members to vote on motions and to receive Minutes of the meetings. This membership fee is part of the school fees. This is required to be paid by the AGM each year.

The P&C Association is a very active group within the school and is extremely important to both the school and the community as a whole. The P&C is made up of a small but very dedicated band of parents who want to be involved in the school at a deeper level.

School involvement by P & C members includes:

  • Welcoming new parents at Open Nights and speaking about the P & C on Information Nights
  • Participating on staff employment selection committees (after attending a short put on by the Education Department)
  • input into school policies, e.g. on school uniform, homework policy;
  • fundraising.

The P&C has over many years purchased items for the school and the students in many areas. The P&C are currently raising money to air-condition the classes of the school. We have air-conditioned 75% of the class rooms which is not bad for a small P&C group.

In past years we have arranged the following fund raising activities:

  1. Food stall at school concerts
  2. Election BBQ’s
  3. School walk-a-thons
  4. Trivia Nights

P & C Office Bearers for 2018 are:

President Natasha Webster
Vice-President Warren Apap
Treasurer Jo Miller-Crispe
Secretary Jodie Paulin