The Dharug people were the original inhabitants of the Penrith Valley and are the traditional owners of the region. Jamison High School was named after Sir John Jamison, a local doctor, politician and landowner. 

The school opened in 1982 in demountable accommodation on the corner of Fragar and Tukara Roads in South Penrith and moved to its current location on the corner of Evan and Maxwell Streets in 1985. At its peak enrolments of 1569 students in 1992, Jamison High was the largest school in New South Wales.

The school’s logo depicts the Blue Mountains in the distance with six diagonal lines representing the six years of secondary school, flowing strongly towards them. 

The badge is maroon and white with the motto “Achieve through Cooperation” around the outside.

Achieve was chosen to mean attainment or accomplishment.  This involves getting goals, aiming for personal best and taking the opportunities provided by the school to regularly reach these goals. Cooperation was chosen to mean working together to achieve common goals, providing support to others and engaging in peaceful resolution of conflict.

The school believes students Achieve through Cooperation when they are Safe, Respectful Learners.

The school has had five Principals in its history:

Mr W Mulheron 1982 – 1987
Mr W Payne 1988 – 1991
Mr S Esler 1992 – 1999
Mr G Johnson 2000 – 2002
Mr G Hodgkins 2002 – 2012
Mr G Lill 2013 – Current


The first Year 12 sat their Higher School Certificate in 1987.  They, with other individuals and classes over the years, have helped Jamison High School establish a culture of success in academic, cultural and sporting outcomes. 

Since its first year Jamison High has been:

  • Comprehensive
  • Co-educational
  • Inclusive
  • Dynamic and responsive
  • Proud of its results and
  • Supported by an outstanding teaching faculty.

In the 21st Century Jamison High School continues building its reputation as an outstanding, comprehensive high school.