Creative Arts

Musical Performances

The Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) faculty present a whole of school theatrical and musical performance on a bi-annual time frame, these are usually one of the popular productions, in 2015 “Joseph” was the highlight of the year.Joshua musical

In the year between these presentations our students are involved in an Opera performance. In past years the organisation Wot Opera (an Artology project) have managed these events as a combined schools event. Unfortunately they have ceased their national program and this year (2016) Opera Express are offering our students a unique opportunity to develop a production of our own.

The management of the complexities of musicals is an all-encompassing thing for the faculty and takes all of the two years to get on stage. Many outside agencies have had a hand in making these presentations so successful in the past and the faculty have been very grateful for their generosity.

WOT opera

In addition to the 2015 production of Joseph we have staged “Henry”, “Back to the 80’s”, “Oliver”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Fame” and “Grease”.