Sports available at Jamison High School

Jamison High School has a proud history of sporting activities. During the year, Jamison High School holds three major sporting carnivals, they are Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.

This gives the students opportunities to represent our school and Nepean zone at different levels of competition.

Jamison High school is involved in The Sydney West Knockout Competition. This involves a variety of sporting activities, including soccer, netball, softball, hockey, cricket, basketball and more. This gives students the chance to represent Jamison High School in their chosen sport and develop their skills and team work further. Jamison High School is represented in a variety of both Boys and Girls Rugby League competitions, which has seen us win numerous trophies.
Jamison High School is not only focused on competitive sporting activities, as our school has a fantastic PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) sports program that runs on a weekly basis during lunchtime. This is linked to our House program, which gives points for participation that contributes winning the Big Day Out. This program gives our senior students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and gives the junior students the opportunity to develop sportsmanship and fair play.

Jamison High School has an integrated sporting program that is run through PDHPE lessons. This is a weekly program that allows students to choose to participate in an assortment of sports and permits outside sporting providers to come into our school and run a mixture of activities to build confidence and new skills.