Drama is an art form that explores the world through enactment. It is a collaborative art form that requires creative interaction and complicity between individuals using a range of artistic skills.

It caters for a broad range of students from varying social and cultural backgrounds.
The syllabus provides opportunities for students to develop a range of skills and the opportunity to concentrate on areas of personal interest. It is designed for students to experience, understand, enjoy and value drama as a social, collaborative and creative art form and as an expression of culture through making, performing and critically studying drama and theatre.


Dance involves the development of physical skills as well as aesthetic, artistic and cultural understanding. Dance offers students the opportunity to express ideas creatively as they make and perform dances, and analyse dance as works of art.

The study of Dance as an art from is comprehensive where students focus on three key areas; Performance, Composition and Appreciation.

Within the Year 9 and 10 Dance Course students study a variety of aspects of Dance such as Safe Dance Practice, Dance Genres- Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, musical Theatre , elements of composition and how to develop movement, Dance analysis, Pioneers of Modern Dance and Australian Dance.
Students in addition to studying Dance at Jamison High School can choose to be a part of Dance Ensemble and Dance Company as an extra curricula activity. Students that are selected to represent Jamison High School have the opportunity to perform at multiple events across the school year.


The Music Program offered at Jamison High School aims to provide students with the tools to nurture and accommodate their creative aspirations.

The main focus of teaching music at Jamison High School is to develop student self-confidence in their skills and expression of their personality for performance.

Students work collaboratively and individually to develop a number of creative skills including:

  • Performance
  • Aural skills
  • Musicology and
  • Composition

We encourage students to perform in school musical productions which are presented bi-annually. On alternative years our students are involved in an Opera-like production. We conduct Showcase Performance Nights and support school community proceedings like formal assemblies and cultural events throughout the year with musical items. Additionally students from this school regularly participate in community events like the Pulse Concerts and the Penrith Valley Festival. In conjunction with individual performances we provide the opportunity for students to join a choir or band and work in large groups.

Visual Arts

At Jamison High School Visual Arts is taught with a focus on engaging an audience in thought provoking interaction.

Skills development in a wide variety of practices is offered and students are encouraged in their senior years to develop expertise in processes that they find absorbing and rewarding. Studying and evaluating the work of renowned Artists through their Body of Work gives our students an understanding of how art communicates to an audience. With this knowledge they are able to write about art with conviction and authority.