History, and the understanding thereof, is a vital tool in 21st Century Learning.

To understand our past means to prepare for a better future and this is something the Jamison High History faculty instill into our student.

The study of History is essential to create engaged and informed citizens who engage with the world through reasoned and enlightened means. The History faculty also teaches students skills of critical thinking and analysis and well as the ability to construct reasoned arguments using evidence.

Recent examples of the broad range of extra activities our students have been able to participate in have included:

  • Year 7 History is a vibrant and challenging course whereby students are exposed to varied teaching methods surrounding the idea of What is History? And what are the methods of examining history, including history mysteries and archaeological methodologies. Students also have the opportunity to participate in events like History Mastermind.
  • Year 8 -10 History – 8-10 History students consolidate and expand the learning and skills they have developed in Year 7. Year 8 students have the opportunity to participate in Medieval Day where students have the opportunity to learn more about Medieval times but see and touch real medieval artefacts. Year 9 Students study Slavery, the Industrial Revolution and the World Wars. Year 10 examine the Cold War and how concepts of capitalism and communism apply to a case study.
  • Year 11 and 12 Ancient History students study a wide range of topics from Ancient Greece to Egypt and Rome. Students participate in a wide range of study dates and local and metropolitan archaeological excursions. Study in Ancient History equips students with valuable critical and interpretative skills that are valued in many professions beyond school. Jamison High also has a proud record of getting many of our students into highly prestigious history degrees at places such as Macquarie University.
  • Year 11 and 12 Modern History Students are exposed to in-depth critical thinking and analysis of themes in modern world history which is consolidated by excursions to places such as the Sydney Holocaust Museum. Students are also exposed to broader thinking by study trips/ days to Sydney University.
  • Year 11 and 12 Studies of Religion students chose two of the major religions to study in-depth, paying particular attention to how religion is viewed and changes from nation to nation. Studies of Religion also look at the more philosophical questions about religion.
  • Extension History Extension History is for exceptional senior students who wish to study and consider the ideas of historiography and to think about how and why history is told. Extension History is a demanding, intellectually challenging course, which equips students extremely well for the academic rigours of University study. Jamison High’s has achieved excellent results in this subject and Extension classes continue to grow each year.
  • Year 11 and 12 Society & Culture

The History Faculty is a dedicated, caring faculty who strive to ensure that all of our students achieve to their maximum potential both during their time with us and beyond. We value the core concepts of public education of social equality, justice and fairness and this underpins all that we do.