Industrial Arts

It is currently very exciting being in Industrial Arts as we have new technology being introduced at an ever increasing rate and it is continuously being used in the curriculum in ever creative ways.

We are currently incorporating CNC machines in our Technology Mandatory, Timber, Metal, Engineering and Graphics curriculum. We are also integrating SketchUp a 3D modelling drawing tool into the curriculum from year 7 to 12.

Currently we have a CNC lathe and mill in Metal Technology, a large format CNC router in Timber technology and a 3D Ultimaker 2+ printer as well as a Roland Sticker maker.

Our subjects offered currently are

  • Technology Mandatory for year 7 and 8 – students spend 1 semester with Industrial Arts and 1 semester with the Home Economics faculty
  • Industrial Technology Timber in years 8,9 and 10
  • Industrial Technology Metal in years 8,9 and 10
  • Graphics Technology in year8
  • Industrial Technology Engineering in years 9 and 10
  • Industrial Technology Timber and Furniture in years 11 and 12
  • Design and Technology in years 11 and 12
  • VET Construction in years 11 and 12

In all subjects students are encouraged and have the opportunity to improve their technology expertise by either the completion of high quality practical projects or the construction of interesting mechanisms.

Students also have considerable opportunity to put their imagination into their projects and where appropriate make interesting design choices.

In the junior years students are guided in their skills and imagination through the completion of set projects where they have the opportunity to experiment with limited design choices.

In the senior years the students have a much wider scope and with Design and Technology and Industrial technology they can research, design and construct highly detailed and complex projects that usually take a full year to complete.

All subjects have a strong literacy component where students submit either research or work reports that develop their literacy and numeracy skills. The Work report for the senior subjects can be up to 80 pages in length.

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The Jamison Aeronautics and Space Research (JASR) program

The Jamison Aeronautics and Space Research (JASR) program highly engages students in problem-based learning, with incredible success. Our students competed in the AAVC state finals in the junior division, and reached the national finals for the senior division. Incorporating drones would bolster engagement in the JASR program, and reach students from all stages, driving their passion for STEM.

For more information please see the flyer attached below

The Jamison Aeronautics and Space Research (JASR) program