Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

  • Mrs Julie Price
  • Mrs Jenelle Silvy

LOTE offers two languages to suit the diverse gifts and interests of our students. Students have the opportunity to study an Asian or European language (Japanese or French). Studying a language helps students to develop important communication, independent learning and higher order thinking skills, which are essential for success throughout high school, university and into the workforce beyond. Our second language program at Jamison, aims to provide students with an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience as we explore foreign languages and cultures in a rich and rewarding learning environment.

General Outline

Years 7 – 12

Year 7: students are given a taste of French or Japanese, developing the basic skills of language learning: listening and speaking, reading and writing. This is fulfilling the current mandatory 100 hour requirement for the award of the NSW School Certificate.

Year 8: students can choose to study either French or Japanese for the entire year, as part of their elective choices. Students will have the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of their chosen language.

Years 9 & 10: students can elect to continue their language studies, either French or Japanese for two years. This allows students to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of their chosen language. The Stage 5 programs focus on integrating technology into language learning, incorporating the use of DER laptops and the school’s intranet.

Years 11 & 12: students may choose to continue their study of French or Japanese (Continuers-2 units) or they may elect to commence the study of another language (Beginners-2 units). Continuing students may elect to study either French or Japanese Extension (1 unit) for the Higher School Certificate. The Stage 6 programs focus on developing a fluency in their language, a love for the culture and a range of communication skills which stay with them well beyond their high school years.

Why continue studying a language for the Higher School Certificate?

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  • Languages attract bonus points for University entry
  • Jobs for Languages graduates

Overseas Trip

What we do besides regular lessons

Overseas language and cultural tours are also offered to our language students. They have the opportunity to travel to Japan when numbers make a trip viable. Overseas trips through the DET require a substantial amount of planning and at least 2 years notice to be run. This overseas school tour gives our students the opportunity to develop their language skills, explore the culture and forge friendships.

A recent new languages event in which selected languages students became involved was the one week long Language Perfect World Championships, where 80,000 students from 1000 schools in 12 countries participated. Jamison students netted 4 gold medals for their enthusiastic involvement resulting in Jamison High School achieving 28th place worldwide, 3rd place for Japanese in Australia, and 4th in NSW. Students could choose to learn any language and could switch between the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Spanish, Tamil, Vietnamese and more.