The Mathematics Faculty’s vision is to create a learning environment focused on the development of resilience through a diverse and relevant curriculum that maintains engagement and ensures reflection. Such a curriculum will be flexible in order to cater for the adjustments and differentiation necessary for each student’s stage of development. 

We strive to engage students in meaningful discussions about learning in order to develop their confidence, resilience, capabilities and skills, by:

  • continually rewarding students who follow the required processes using the Jamison High School’s PBL model.
  • explicitly teaching study skills including how to write exemplary study notes.
  • including literacy and ensuring terms and definitions are a part of all aspects of lessons and homework.
  • using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to create independent learners including the use of Google drive and the ‘Flipped’ classroom model.
  • always aiming for deep knowledge and understanding, higher order thinking and formative assessments.
  • ensuring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects are linked. Teachers from the Mathematics faculty teach across curriculums, including Science and Technology.
  • linking Mathematics to the real world. At the end of Year 7 all students attend an incursion where they are involved in engaging Mathematical activities using ‘hands-on’ materials and technology. Senior students often volunteer their time to assist and all parents are very welcome. During Year 8, students attend an excursion to Olympic Park where they participate in activities that connect science, the environment and mathematics. Ten students from Year 8 with a keen interest in STEM are also invited to spend a day at Western Sydney University where the lecturers involve them in exciting and relevant activities.

It is envisaged that through continual faculty reflection of our teaching and learning practices that students will likewise reflect on their own learning and develop the ability to link their study practises and results. This should develop further confidence and hence, encourage a culture of aspiration.

How do we assist our students to be successful and feel a sense of achievement?

We use and share the syllabus thus inviting students to share the responsibility of their own learning. Year 7 students are shown in class how to design their own study notes. Dot points are given of the concepts being tested in examinations and students are required to write down an example. Students also follow flowcharts so they know to ask about and practice the concepts with which they are not yet confident. This practise continues in the following years.

As a mathematics department we have been developing homework that is always relevant to the work being completed at school, it also includes fun extension and literacy activities and the syllabus dot points.

Students are rewarded in line with our Positive Behaviour for Learning model ‘Safe, Respectful, Aspirational Learners’ for completing their homework.

During Year 9 and 10 supplementary homework is given by the stage 5.3 and 5.2 teachers in addition to the common homework sheet in order to practise the higher skills required in these more rigorous courses.

To ensure senior students keep using study notes and continue to find them relevant for examinations, an assignment is given in Year 10 that will then be assessed.

The topic, Linear Relationships, is used because it is a common topic to all stage levels and also in the Preliminary Mathematics courses. Class teachers assist the students in completing the assignment and students can ask questions. The teachers mark the assignment, i.e. check that it has been completed on the set date, and 5 marks are allocated to this section. The solutions are then checked in class and a very similar examination is given later in the week.

Year 11 and 12 students will continue to be explicitly taught how to produce double-sided A4 study notes from dot points from the syllabus, since all students are now given a set of formulae for the HSC.

As students begin Year 11, they will be given the formula sheets to be used for their level and add their study notes to them. It is envisaged that these students in the future, will revert, when stressed, to the skills they have been taught and be able to study independently and through this study, achieve higher bands in the HSC.

As a keen and enthusiastic faculty we look forward to working with you and your children as they progress through Jamison High School.