Social Sciences

The philosophy of the Social Science faculty at Jamison High School is to successfully create a link between the theory studied in the classroom and its practical application in the outside world.

This is so our students not only see the genuine relevance of our subjects but leave school being better informed and active contributors to our modern society. For that reason when students choose one of our subjects they are also given the opportunity to be involved in a range of extra activities and excursions that will help to broaden their understanding.

Recent examples of the broad range of extra activities our students have been able to participate in have included:

Year 7 Geography

Have the opportunity to participate in several hands-on activities including testing their map and compass work on our challenging school orienteering course, examining the water quality of our local waterways using our water testing equipment and learning new computer and technology skills whilst conducting virtual fieldwork. They also have the opportunity to compete in the annual National Geographic Geography Competition where we have a proud of history of our students achieving High Distinctions, Distinctions and Credits annually as well as conducting weather experiments and observations using our weather station.

Year 8 -10 Geography 

Our year 8 – 10 Geography students have the opportunity to complete fieldwork excursions to Mt Tomah, Bondi and the Sydney CBD. Each year we also send two teams of students to the Western Sydney Social Science Teachers Association (WeSSSTA) Geography competition where they compete against other schools from the Sydney basin in a fun atmosphere where their skills and knowledge are put to the test.

Years 8-10 Elective Commerce

Students, as part of the topic ‘Running a Business’, each year organise the BBQ at our school Cross Country Carnival. This involves the students conducting market research prior to the event in order to determine the type of food and drinks that are going to be popular, putting together the sales and advertising campaign and sourcing the best quality ingredients from local suppliers. All profits raised from this activity go towards the faculty World Vision sponsor child.

Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies

Students compete in the NSW Mock Trial Competition. Despite fierce competition from the Independent , High and Selective High Schools in the area, the Jamison High School team managed to win 3 of the 4 rounds entered in the 2015 competition. Our Legal Studies students have also had the opportunity to watch real court proceedings while on excursions to the Sydney District and Supreme courts.

Year 11 and 12 Geography

Students have participated in several fieldwork excursions to areas including Botany Bay, The Rocks, Pyrmont, Technology Park (Redfern) and the Parramatta River. In particular, students look at how urban growth and sprawl place stress on the local habitats whilst also examining what is being done (or not done) to try and protect these areas for future generations.

Year 11 and 12 Business Studies and Economics

Students participate in the ASX Stock Market Competition which gives them a strong understanding of the risks and benefits of listing a business on the stock exchange as well learning how global factors can influence the value of a business. Students also get the opportunity to visit several key local businesses in order to gain a broad understanding of how the theory studied in class is applied by the entrepreneurs in our community.

Giving our students these opportunities combined with the quality tuition and support provided by our staff in the classroom means that our students are well prepared for the immediate challenges of exams and assessments as well as their future careers beyond school.